"Store Opening!" Hey I should start a blog.

Planning and preparing for a new store opening is never an easy task or quick endeavor. You only need to ask anyone who has gone through this process. Am I nervous? Not at all. If I was, it doesn't show on the exterior. Could be maybe because I have been way too busy to notice.

Have a minute to set down to try this blog thing again. Figure I try to stick with this for awhile and connect with my customers as they say on every tip and advice columns I glance over about storytelling and such. Does that stuff really work?? Ok, I mean well, what do I have to lose right? I'll try not to bore you or make you run away at first just yet. We'll just save that for a later time. (wink) 

Tomorrow is the day I open those virtual doors. Now I'm starting to feel a slight tiny flutter deep in my gut. But I will tell you one thing... This apple tastes damn good! (eating an apple while writing this blog)

Yup, Love being the boss again. We'll just see what tomorrow brings.

Talk to you later.