About AbrahamArtist.

The Person

Abraham De La Torre - Artisan and Owner of AbrahamArtist.com

"I call myself an artisan"

My name is Abraham De La Torre.
Every day it seems the same: wake up around 7, make coffee,
 check emails, look over the latest news, feed my two bunnies and take a short walk or a bike ride before I start to work around 9'ish. These days I mainly spend my days in my home workshop always thinking of that next idea in my head. Southern born and bred, through and through.  My home shop is located in the beautiful Alamo City of Texas called San Antonio. 
No matter the medium: leather, wood, metal, oil paints... My creations have always been a manifestation of my personal spiritual journey, that is, to create high-quality pieces of art that are timeless.
I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my ‘job’, such as it is, simply entails doing what I love. 

About this Shop

This year 2018, at the beginning of March it occurred to me to start a store for my existing artist brand, AbrahamArtist. A place to showcase my newest creations to the world where any visitor can launch from my artist webpage. I got some of my friends to help out with some of the important technical aspics of the shop section this time around. After few miracles and some hurdles later the AbrahamArtist Artisan Shop was born.

 So if you have read this much so far please take this little appreciation discount offer of 10% off on all my handmade items.
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